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Ice Cream Collection | Lip Balm

Ice Cream Collection | Lip Balm

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I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for ICE CREAM LIP BALM!!!! Now you can enjoy ice cream without all the calories and tummy troubles from all the dairy while hydrating your lips! We've taken our TOP 3 summer ice cream flavors and whipped them into an All Natural, super hydrating Lip Balm. This Collection is available as a 3-pack Collection only.

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP | Need I say more? Yes, please! With the healing power of peppermint essential oils and chocolate, what else could you possibly need in a lip balm. 

STRAWBERRIES 'N CREAM | Creamy and fruity, this flavor will have you reapplying all day!

BIRTHDAY CAKE | Inspired by our very own June Birthday Girl's favorite flavor of ice cream. Now you don't have to wait for your birthday to come around to enjoy a cone of, I mean, calorie-free application of our buttercreamy, cakey deliciousness. 

All of our lip balms have a silky smooth application and long-lasting coverage for maximum hydration for those goat kissable lips. Made with natural ingredients specifically formulated for ultra healing and hydration! Just check out the ingredients! We do not artificially sweeten our Lip Balms so there is no real "flavor"... just a scent!

*Note - Lip Balms WILL soften and/or melt if left in your car (or bra)! Place upright at room temperature to re-harden.

As with any Natural product, we highly recommend storing your Lip Balm away from direct heat/sunlight

All Lip Balms comes in a .15oz Tube