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New Wooden Toothpicks in 5 Flavors BiteMyWood 21qty Reusable Bags

You Have Just Found The Best Chewing Sticks
Made On The Planet.
New Wooden Toothpicks in 5 Flavors BiteMyWood 21qty Reusable Bags by

  • FLAVORED TOOTHPICKS – Chew on BiteMyWood Toothpicks as a healthy, alternative to gum, candy and as an aid in helping to quit smoking. They keep your mouth active in a much healthier way than smoking. Try and quit smoking today with our natural flavored toothpicks, the ultimate quitting aid
  • ZERO CALORIE STOP SMOKING AIDS – Smoking cessation toothpicks are completely calorie and carbohydrate-free and contain zero sugar to ensure you don’t pile on the pounds. Made from the best Birchwood and flavored with natural ingredients, enjoy our hot, sweet and spicy cinnamon flavor as the perfect distraction from smoking
  • MADE IN THE USA – We are a family-owned and operated company based in the USA. Our toothpick is only made in the USA, the old-fashioned way. We guarantee you high-quality toothpicks with powerful flavors for complete peace of mind to aid you on your smoke-free journey
  • POWERFUL BREATH FRESHENERS – Not many other products can say they freshen breath immediately! If you suffer from halitosis or worry about bad breath after eating garlic, spices, onion, and other strong foods and drinks. Our sticks last for hours to ensure your breath stays fresh for as long as possible
  • CONVENIENT PACKAGING – 21qty toothpicks are provided in a reusable heavy duty plastic bags to ensure they remain fresh. When bad breath hits, just reach for a BiteMyWood Chewing Stick
  • We Aren't Selling a Gimmick Here - Our Product Is All Quality And Put Together In House With Care. 
  • You Will Receive a Quality USA Product Every Time.
  • Shipping Weight For 1 Bag: 5.4 grams
  • Shipping Weight For 5 Pack of Bags: 27 grams
  • Product Dimensions: L 4.5" x W 2.5" x H 0.125"
  • Item Codes:
    Item Code: Bmwy21qty-bag-All5
    UPC: 793519544706

    UPC: 793519588427

    Item Code: Bmwy21qty-bag-cinnamint
    UPC: 793519670993

    Item Code: Bmwy21qty-bag-eucalyptus
    UPC: 793519505875

    Item Code: Bmwy21qty-bag-mint
    UPC: 793519600723

    Item Code: Bmwy21qty-bag-wintergreen
    UPC: 793519514853

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